Qinghai Belt and Road exhibitioplastic event wristbandsn opens in Beijing

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Exquisite ancient pottery is displayed in the exhibition. [Photo by Meng Die/chinadaily.com.cn]

Qinghai in the Belt and Road, an exhibition hosted by the governments of Beijing municipality and Northwest China"s Qinghai province, opened Thursday at the Capital Museum in Beijing. It will be on display till June 30.

On display are 442 cultural relics selected from 13 cultural relics organizations in Qinghai. These antiques possess significant historical, cultural and artistic value, fully showing Qinghai"s culture, precious historical and cultural heritage, and distinct regional style. Lectures, literary and artistic performances, publicity and promotional activities will be carried out.

The exhibition is composed of six units, highlighting Qinghai as an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative. Each unit is divided into several sections, with cultural relics, pictures and other items to specifically showcase Qinghai.

The exhibition is a grand feast of cultural relics. Through the exhibition of these cultural relics, the audience can truly understand Qinghai"s splendid and diverse culture and its long history, and the broad and profound traditional culture of China.

Meng Die contributed to the story.

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