Hong Kong govt, police decry extremenew wrist phone commercial, violent acts

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A protester has a gasoline bomb ready in hand during an illegal rally in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong, Oct 1, 2019. [Photo/China Daily]

HONG KONG — The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government strongly condemned the extreme and violent acts on Tuesday by radical protesters, saying such acts warrant society’s most severe condemnation.

In a press release issued early Wednesday morning, the government said there had been online orchestration of violent acts in various districts across the city on Tuesday which incited people to go on a rampage and attack police officers.

"The riots in various districts in Hong Kong on October 1 were planned and organized, leading Hong Kong to a chaotic and panic state,” a spokesman was quoted as saying.

The violent attacks resulted in multiple injuries and police officers were required to use their revolvers in a few cases, the government said.

Violent protesters set fires inside Mass Transit Railway stations, threw petrol bombs, vandalized government offices, shops and public property and blocked thoroughfares, causing serious obstruction to firefighting and ambulance work, according to the press release.

It added that the riotous mob also challenged national sovereignty by burning national flags.

In the press release, the spokesman referred to Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo"s public statement stressing the need for using appropriate force if police warning does not work while noting how the life of the police officer involved in the open fire incident in Tsuen Wan had been under serious threat.

In the press release, the spokesman cited the Hospital Authority to say that the young man who suffered a gunshot wound is in a stable condition.

In a separate press release issued early Wednesday morning, police also severely condemned the violent acts.

Into the night on Tuesday, radical protesters continued to vandalize public properties and massively attack police stations with petrol bombs, seriously endangering public safety.
Some radicals even beat up bystanders, and launched fireworks at residential areas.

Police said that so far over 180 persons were arrested for offences including taking part in a riot, unlawful assembly, assaulting police and possession of offensive weapon.
Police also said in the press release that at least 25 police officers were injured in disperal operations.

In a separate press release, the Transport Department said Wednesday morning that after overnight repair works, there are still 30 sets of damaged traffic lights yet to be repaired.

These traffic lights are located mainly in Wong Tai Sin, Sham Shui Po, Yau Tsim Mong, Sha Tin and Tuen Mun.

In another press release, the heads of disciplinary forces issued severest condemnation for violence and pledged full support to stop violence and curb disorder in the city. The Director of Immigration, Tsang Kwok-wai; the Commissioner of Customs and Excise, Hermes Tang; the Director of Fire Services, Li Kin-yat; the Commissioner of Correctional Services, Woo Ying-ming; and the Controller of the Government Flying Service, Captain Wu Wai-hung commiserated with police in a press release and stressed, "that any law-breaking behaviour must not be tolerated... The forces will stay united, keep up morale and remain dedicated to do the utmost to stop violence and curb disorder."

In a press release issued Wednesday, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) strongly condemned the violence and vandalism that saw many shops, restaurants and businesses being targeted and smashed up, while thousands of others being forced to close.

"Extremists" chilling disregard for the rule of law is not only affecting Hong Kong’s reputation as an international financial and business centre, but also crippling many small businesses and threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens," reads the statement.

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